It is very easy to create a profile on TeamConnect simple click sign up, and fill out your profile.

More you fill out, the more easy it will be for you to connect with new friends and business partners.

TeamConnect is a free social media site for all.

It is only if you want to use our services like the Event Calendar and more


We are a FREE social media site and all is welcome.

Our goal is to be the biggest networking social media site.


You are more then welcome to invite your friends, your staff, your team and start building your relationship with them in TeamConnect


Signup Bonus 10 BAC

Ref Bonus pr user 10 BAC

Activity Bonus 0.01 BAC

But we are still in BETA testing with our referral system, So we cant guarantee you any BAC at the moment, but if you get some we will not take them from you

You can always from your profile settings delete your profile.

The CEO is Michael Petersen

And his team from Bowl’A’Coin there is behind TeamConnect

You can see the team here ( about us )