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NO recording or selling your data or activity…

Social as it should be.

With Bowl’A’Coin Social media TeamConnect, where you can connect with members within our ECO-SYSTEM and earn FREE BAC tokens on your activity and play our games

Chat, Like, Share, Comment, Make groups, join our forum, Create your own event, play games and much more
And get rewarded in BAC tokens.

Why Join TeamConnect Social Network?

With TeamConnect you dont need to be worried about getting your post blocked or deleted and we do not do any data tracking or selling data to earn money, our money is based 100% on other programs who want to share their advertising on our social media.

Meet New People all over the World

The best things is to meet new people and why not meet new people with the same goal or passion as you, with our social media you can easy connect with networkers from all over the world.

Our Partners

TeamConnect and Bowl’A’Coin
BAC Tokens is now LIVE

Now you can be apart of our community and buy or earn our Tokens, a token you can use on TeamConnect platform and in all our partners who choose to connect to our system.
You can now earn free BAC token on your activity and BAC games.
Simple get your BAC token and sign up to the exchange and sell or buy your BAC tokens

Find People with Your Same Interests

With TeamConnect you can easy find new friends there have the same interest as you, if its networking, games, advertising, business and much more.
With all our games you can earn money, so start challenges all your friends and invite them to be a part of TeamConnect.

Release all the Power with the TeamConnect App!

Coming Soon.

  • Build your profile in just minutes, it’s that simple!
  • Unlimited messaging with the best interface.